Where Can You Get Scripts for a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre?


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Actors can get scripts for a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre from a couple of websites, including PioneerDrama.com and Play-Dead.com. As of 2015, these websites offer scripts for sale with a small royalty payment per performance.

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PioneerDrama.com offers a murder mystery comedy perfect for a dinner theater. "Cafe Murder" by Nathan Hartswick is a play that requires nine players and a handful of extra actors. The annoying Rosemary Saint-John goes missing and is assumed murdered during her birthday dinner. Guests must find the killer among her sisters and a cast of characters.

Play-Dead.com offers a varied selection of murder mysteries for dinner theater. Most of these plays include the chance for audience participation and for the actors to tailor the script to familiar locales. Each play is a theatrical production with a set killer with the exception of the play ""Girls' Night Out."

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