Where Can You Find the Rules for Farkle and Its Variations?

Dice Game Depot, which is a online retailer of gaming supplies, including tabletop games, playing cards and dice, has the rules for Farkle, including many different scoring variations, listed on its website. The site also sells other gaming accessories like gaming mats, dice bags, score sheets and other related items.

Farkle is a dice game that requires six six-sided dice, pencil and paper for scoring, and one or more dice cups for tossing the dice. It is a game that can be played with two people, but is better between four and eight players.

Players, one at a time, rolls all of the dice and check to see if any of the dice form scoring combinations. Those dice are set aside and the player rolls again. If a player can set aside all six dice in his or her turn, play continues and the player keeps scoring until he or she decides to end the turn or cannot score any more on a throw. If no points are scored on a roll at any time, all points earned during that roll are lost. Play continues in a round-robin format until a player scores 10,000 points.