Where Can You Find a Retired Boyd's Bears List?

A list and database of retired Boyd's items is available from the official Boyd's website at BoydsStuff.com. Choose the Product Search option, and then click the Archive Products option to refine the list based on occasion, species and collection. Here, individuals find information on products in the company archive from 1992 to 2008, as of 2015.

On the product search page, an individual can search for the Boyd's item by name or item number. If looking for a particular product but unaware of the name or item number, an individual can search by other factors. One such factor is the occasion, and the options include occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and nurse's day. Another search factor is the species, and there are many animal items from Boyd's in addition to bears, including dogs, elephants, zebras and more. Boyd's also has products that fall into certain collections, including University Bears, Bearstone, Pleasantville and Twiddles.

When refining the search results, an individual sees a list of matching products along with a photograph of that product. When clicking on the product, a description loads along with a manufacturer's suggested retail price. The release date of the product is also available on this page, and there is a link where shoppers can find local retailers that may have these items in stock.