Where Can Results for Horse Races Be Found on the Internet?

can-results-horse-races-found-internet Credit: Peter Willert / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Find the results for horse races online through sites such as Equibase.com, DRF.com, ESPN.Go.com, BloodHorse.com and NYRA.com, as of 2015. Some sites offer national and international race results, while others focus on specific regions and racetracks. Each site also includes some historical information about past race results.

Equibase.com contains a section for daily horse race results across numerous race tracks, as well as the previous day's results and details about any upcoming races on the following day. It also includes statistics about the highest-earning horses in the current year, date and times of current races and statistics for many of the horses currently competing in events. DRF.com lists its results on a single section of the site that includes several of the largest race tracks in the country. Every track listing includes links to each race that took place on the current day, with the ability to look at past race results as through the main results page.

The horse-racing section of ESPN's website contains primarily news articles regarding races and the state of the game, many of which focus on the results of important races. Its result section only displays the placings for races that take place on the current day. BloodHorse.com offers listings for domestic and international races, with a search tool that allows users to locate a specific tack or race. NYRA.com contains the results for all races that fall under the jurisdiction of the New York Racing Association.