How Can You Restore Old Train Photos?


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Restore old train photos by using digital photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to modify the color, hue and tone of the images. These programs also offer features for repairing damaged sections through sectional image recreation or through simple painting tools.

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One common issue with photographs of old trains, as well as other subjects, that are black and white is that the photos become pale and hard to see. To resolve this, scan the photo into the image editing software and use the Channels menu to remove the excess color. In Photoshop, open the Image menu, then move to the Mode option and select Grayscale. This sdicards all color information and reduces the file to only shades of black and white. Open the Levels editor in the Layers menu and move the sliders to modify the tones and increase the dark tones while decreasing the lights. This results in a more clear black and white photo.

If the image is in color, use the Hue and Saturation tool to change the color balance and decrease the unwanted color. The Levels tool also features an option to reduce specific color values. To restore breaks or tears in the image, use the Healing Tool to identify a suitable spot on the picture and copy its color information over the damaged spot. It is also possible to use the painting tools to manually draw over certain spots.

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