How Can You Research the Worth of a American Buffalo Coin?


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Research the worth of an American Buffalo gold coin by going to the coins section of the Fun Times Guide or by visiting the U.S. Mint website (usmint.gov). If you are researching the value of an American Buffalo nickel coin, look at the Coin Study website.

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The 1935 American Buffalo coin was produced in the Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia mints. Both the Denver and San Francisco mints produced fewer Buffalo nickels than the Philadelphia mint, so the coins are worth more than those produced at the Philadelphia mint. Value also depends on the quality of the coin, whether it is good, fine, extremely fine or uncirculated.

An uncirculated 1935 American Buffalo Nickel with a D by the date, symbolizing the Denver mint, is worth the most at $45, as of July 2015. A 1935 S, which stands for San Francisco, uncirculated is worth $30. A 1935 D in extremely fine condition is worth one-third of an uncirculated 1935 D coin. It is worth $2 in fine condition and less than $1 in good condition. A 1935 S is worth equivalently the same amount as the 1935 D in good condition, but only $1 in fine condition and $1 in extremely fine condition. The 1935, produced in Philadelphia, has a value similar to the 1935 in conditions good to extremely fine.

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