How Can You Repair a PSP Analog Stick?


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Recalibrating the analog stick settings may help restore control of character movements, as stated by PlayStation. The analog stick is used to direct movement in 3D games and the PlayStation Portable menu.

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  1. Open the Media Bar
  2. When the analog stick starts drifting or the character does not stop moving when no longer using the stick, save and exit the game. Go to the "Media Bar" with a selection of menu options.

  3. Open System Settings
  4. Click through the menu options using the directional pad until reaching, "System Settings." Click "X" to open.

  5. Go to System Information
  6. Scroll down to "System Information," and click "X" to open. On this page, rotate the analog stick several times in a circular motion. Return the analog stick to its neutral center position. Exit the menu and reopen the game to test the new calibration.

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