How Can I Repair Jeans Ripped in the Crotch?


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To patch a hole in the crotch of your jeans, iron a matching patch, and sew it to the inside of the pants. Trim the raw edges of the hole to ensure that threads do not continue to fray.

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  1. Purchase an iron-on patch

    Buy an iron-on patch that matches the color and wash of your jeans. Choose a patch that is large enough to completely cover the hole.

  2. Trim the raw edges of the hole

    With scissors, cut off any hanging threads around the edges of the hole. Using a sewing machine, run a line of stitches about 1/4 inch from the edge of the hole to prevent it from fraying further.

  3. Position the patch

    Flip the jeans inside out, and slide one leg over an ironing board. Lay the patch over the hole with the adhesive side down. Ensure that the patch covers all corners of the hole. Trim off any large excess pieces of the patch.

  4. Iron on the patch

    Iron the patch onto your jeans. Move the tip of the iron over the patch around the edges of the hole, but do not iron the patch in the center, as it can stick to the ironing board.

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