How Can You Rent a Server for Minecraft?


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To rent a server for "Minecraft," players must first visit a website that specializes in the service, such as BuyGamingServers.com or ServerMiner.com. The player then chooses the server package that fits his needs and sets up a payment option.

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Server rental sites offer various incentives to use their product. Most servers are rented on a monthly basis, but some websites offer a discount if you pay for multiple months at once. As of 2015, BuyGamingServers.com, offers players instant server set up and no slot limits. Players also receive a free gaming website, 50 gigabytes of SSD disk space and a MySQL database. Servers from ServerMiner.com offer players computer and mobile versions of the "Minecraft" game. Players also receive unlimited world size and bandwidth with a 1,000 megabytes per second connection to the server.

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