How Can I Refine My Gold Ore?

How Can I Refine My Gold Ore?

How Can I Refine My Gold Ore?

To refine gold ore, crush the ore in a container, and pour in a chemical slurry consisting of sodium cyanide, sodium nitrobenzene sulphonate and sodium hydroxide. Connect electrodes to the slurry mix to separate the gold, and properly dispose of the chemical slurry once the gold has separated. This process requires gold ore, a glass or ceramic container, sodium cyanide, sodium nitrobenzene sulphonate, sodium hydroxide, a car battery, jumper cables, stainless steel rods and necessary safety equipment, such as an apron, goggles and gloves. Be aware that the gold extracted will be 12 to 14 carat gold, which is decoration and plating grade.

  1. Crush the ore

    Crush and pulverize your ore. A heavy hammer and sturdy metal container can do the trick if you are doing this in a personal workshop.

  2. Make your slurry

    Place the crushed ore in a glass or ceramic container. Using standard safety equipment such as an apron, goggles and gloves, pour in your slurry chemicals. The mixture is 70 percent sodium cyanide, 15 percent sodium nitrobenzene sulphonate and 15 percent sodium hydroxide. This helps separate the gold particles out.

  3. Hook up your electrodes

    Get a car battery and some jumper cables. Attach the positive terminal to the wire placed in the slurry. Attach the negative end to a stainless steel rod also placed in the slurry. This draws the gold to the steel rod. Scrape off your gold every few hours but be careful not to touch exposed metal.

  4. Dispose of the slurry

    When you have all of your gold, make sure you contact the proper agencies to dispose of your slurry mixture properly. These chemicals are dangerous, and they can't be dumped down a drain or placed in the garbage.