How Can You Recycle VHS Tapes in Craft Projects?


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Craft projects that recycle VHS tapes include a VHS planter, pencil case, a set of VHS bookends and a glowing USB hub. To create the VHS planter, glue two tapes together to serve as the base of the planter, then glue a tape to each side of the base to form the planter's sides. Fill the center of the planter with dirt, and then add seeds or a small plant.

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To create VHS bookends, remove the sleeve of the VHS tape and glue the short side to a CD. Repeat with another VHS tape, and then place a weight on top of the tapes to stabilize them while they dry. Let the glue dry overnight, and then complete the bookends by sliding the sleeve back over the tape.

To create a glowing USB hub, remove the magnetic tape reel from the VHS casing, and then cut the remaining plastic reels to make space for the USB hub. Modify the tape so that the USB ports will fit, noting that the size of the ports vary based on the USB hub. Take the USB out of its casing and locate areas to draw power for the LED lights. Solder the LEDs to a switch and transistors, and then connect them to the hub for power. Reattach the top of the VHS casing to finish the USB hub.

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