How Can You Recycle Denim?


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Denim can be recycled by repurposing, donating, composting and taken to a fabric-recycling facilities. Determining the best way to recycle denim largely depends on the condition of the fabric.

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How Can You Recycle Denim?
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If only part of the fabric is worn out or damaged, repurposing may be the best option. Jeans can be turned into a pair of cut-off shorts or a denim skirt. It can also be cut up into smaller squares and combined with other old denim scraps of different colors to be used in quilt-making. Those who have denim that is still in good shape but do not like sewing, quilting or other crafts can donate it to local thrift stores or charitable organizations.

If the fabric is in bad shape, composting and recycling are good options. While denim may not be the first thing one thinks of when considering composting, most denim is made entirely out of cotton and can be used like cardboard or dead leaves to provide a source of carbon in a compost pile. Some areas have fabric recycling centers that can provide an alternative for those who do not compost. The denim can either be taken to the recycling center or left at a designated collection site.

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