Where Can You Read the Rules to "Dork Diaries" Game?


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The official Pressman Toy website publishes the rules to the "Dork Diaries Not-So-Secret Truth Telling Game." The rules are available in PDF format and are free to download.

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To find the rules, players go to the Pressman Toy website and click on Products. In the search bar beneath the list of products, visitors type "dork". The first search result is the PDF file of the rules for the game.

The "Dork Diaries" game is similar to the traditional game "Truth or Dare." Players take turns asking and answering questions. Players may challenge the truth of answers given. Players with challenged answers must place a finger on the provided Truth Machine, which determines whether the player is lying or not. Users on Amazon.com give the game 4 out of 5 stars.

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