How Can You Re-Ink a Stamp?

How Can You Re-Ink a Stamp?

Re-inking most self-inking stamps involves removing the small pad and adding several drops of ink. This five-minute process works with stamps that have removable pads, such as date stamps, and it requires an ink bottle with a dropper top.

  1. Remove the ink pad

    Press the top of the stamp down about 1/8 inch to release the pressure on the ink pad. If the stamp has locking buttons on the sides, move those into the locked position. If the stamp does not have locking buttons, use one hand to keep the stamp slightly pushed down. Push or pull the ink pad out of the stamp.

  2. Add ink

    Add 10 to 20 drops of ink onto the pad. Allow the ink to soak into the pad so that it is not pooled on the surface.

  3. Replace the ink pad

    Press down on the stamp again to open the stamp-pad chamber. Push the pad back into place.