Where Can You Find Rare Candies in "Pokemon Emerald"?

Rare candies are found in the following areas in “Pokemon Emerald:” Route 108, Route 110, Route 111, Route 119, Route 120, Route 123, Route 127, Route 132, the Safari Zone, Shoal Cave and Mt. Pyre. In the Pokemon games, rare candies are classified as vitamins and cause Pokemon to grow one level. The player is also able to sell them for 2,400 in-game money.

Because players can only find rare candies, rather than purchase them in “Pokemon Emerald,” there is a limited number of them. The only way to bypass this is for the player to use a Gameshark device and use code BFF956FA 2F9EC50D. This code gives the player an unlimited supply of rare candies. Once the code is entered, players will find the new stock of rare candies in their PCs.

Although some competitive Pokemon players believe that using rare candies make a Pokemon weaker, this is not true. The idea is that Pokemon that are leveled up using rare candies miss out on their effort value training points for battling Pokemon. While this is true, players are still able to finish their Pokemon's EV training. One good strategy is to finish a Pokemon's EV training and then finish leveling them up with rare candies.