How Can You Put a Hole in a Seashell to Hang It Up?

can-put-hole-seashell-hang-up Credit: Gorupka/CC-BY-2.0

Put in a hole in a seashell by securing it to a board with a clamp and drilling through the shell. This takes only a few minutes. A drill, a diamond bit, a spring clamp, two large clamps, safety glasses and gloves and a 2-by-4-foot board are needed.

  1. Choose a good shell

    Choose a shell that is flat and thick in order to be able to drill a hole successfully without cracking the shell.

  2. Prepare the shell

    Prepare the shell by washing it to remove all grit and dirt. Dry it thoroughly.

  3. Place the shell in the clamp

    Place the shell on a 2-by-4-foot board with the flat part of the shell flush against the wood. Secure the shell to the board with a spring clamp. Then use two large clamps to secure the board to a flat surface. This keeps the board steady while drilling the hole.

  4. Put on safety equipment

    Put on safety glasses and gloves before drilling the holes to protect your eyes and skin from flying shards of shell.

  5. Drill the hole

    Use a rotary or standard drill with a diamond bit to slowly drill a hole in the shell. Make sure to hold the drill straight. Drill slowly at a speed of 35,000 rpm or less.