Where Can You Purchase Retired David's Winter Cottage Collectibles?

Retired David's Winter Cottage collectibles are sold on eBay and Small World's Main Street Emporium. Each website sells a limited supply of each item with prices varying widely according to the piece's rarity.

EBay sells the broadest range of David's Winter Cottage collectibles. Pieces on auction include The Bake House produced in 1983 and The Gillie's Cottage designed in 1988. As of 2015, eBay sellers are offering the lowest prices for items from this collection, with many pieces selling for about $10 on average.

Small World's Main Street Emporium offers a more limited selection of David's Winter Cottage models, but the pieces in stock are also more rare and include the original packaging and certificate of authenticity. Prices range from $40 to $95 per piece.