What Can You Purchase With Free Pogo Tokens?

Players use Pogo tokens to purchase accessories for their Pogo Mini, which is an online avatar that represents a player's personality. Pogo tokens can be used to purchase hairstyles, fashions, backgrounds and costumes for the avatars, as of 2015. Hundreds of virtual items are available to customize a Pogo Mini.

Players earn Pogo tokens by playing certain EA games online. Games that have tokens associated with them have the word Jackpot next to the game's name and icon. Games that have jackpots also have tokens, although these are two completely separate aspects of Pogo games. Members who join Club Pogo have chances to win cash prizes with jackpots thanks to daily drawing periods.

Players get access to games, and a Pogo Mini, when they sign up for an account. The free account allows users to access more than 100 games, and players get to accumulate tokens. The premium account has ad-free games, 40 exclusive games and more than 1,000 gaming challenges. Free registration requires a screen name, email address, password, date of birth and country of origin. Registration also allows people to use the game's chat rooms.

Tokens do not expire and carry over every month. Players can check their token balance each time when they go to play a game, and the token balance is displayed next to the jackpot. Tokens cannot be used to obtain game subscriptions, Pogo merchandise, guest passes or premium badge albums.