Where Can You Purchase Inexpensive Drum Sets?


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An effective way to locate inexpensive drum sets is to locate specific brands at large music stores like Guitar Center, or through online retailers like Amazon.com. Used drum sets can also be found at much lower prices than new equipment at many local drum and musical instrument stores.

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There are several brands of drum sets that are inexpensive compared to their competitors, including Mendini and Gammon Percussion. These products, as well as others in a similar price range, are available at Guitar Center and other large music equipment retailers. Online retailers like Amazon.com offer a way for shoppers to select product types, categories and desired price ranges, which makes it easy to search less expensive alternatives to the high-end drum set brands like Pearl and Yamaha.

Additionally, used drum sets hold a much lower retail value than when they are new. Used drum sets are often available at smaller, local music stores and through online resale sites like craigslist.com. Another alternative with shopping for used drum sets is to shop for individual equipment and hardware, rather than a whole set. Finding the lowest prices for each additional part of a set can be cheaper than buying the whole set in one piece, though it can be difficult to put together an effective set without expertise about the quality of the parts.

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