Where Can You Purchase Hess Trucks?


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Hess Toy Trucks has a website that sells its products; however, as of February 2015, the site is sold out. Apart from the Hess website, third-party sellers on Amazon and Ebay sell Hess trucks, as do multiple specialty-toy-collections websites.

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Where Can You Purchase Hess Trucks?
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As of February 2015, third-party sellers on Amazon, such as Toytrux and TJTSPORTS, sell toy Hess trucks, most ranging in price between $25 and $70. The trucks available from third-party sellers cover a span of many different years, and some of the trucks are special editions, such as the 50th Anniversary Toy Truck and Space Cruiser with Scout. Ebay has a section of its website dedicated to Hess truck sales, covering the 1970s and vintage models up through the 2010s.

In addition, specialty-collections websites such as The Hess Truck Collection of D. P. Smith sell a wide range of Hess toy trucks. According to D. P. Smith, the Hess trucks sold on the site are in mint condition and kept in the box. Trucks are available from the 1960s models through the 2010s models. Many of the trucks on the site are sold between $40 and $60.

Another Hess truck specialty site maintained by Jack Thyen sells mint-condition, in-box Hess trucks from 1988 through 2014. Prices are variable depending on the year of the truck, ranging from approximately $30 to nearly $600. Most of the mint-condition, in-box trucks – post 1988 – in stock that are not premium or 50th anniversary items cost between $40 and $80. This site also sells used Hess trucks from 1964 to 1987, priced at several hundred dollars per item.

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