Where Can I Find Printable Jumble Word Puzzles?

Websites that target teachers are generally the best resources for word puzzles; The Teacher's Corner, Discovery Education and Super Teacher Worksheets all provide free printable "word jumbles." These sites also feature programs that generate puzzles out of words provided by the user, creating customizable and even themed worksheets. Puzzles to Print is also a valuable resource, providing pictures along with the word puzzles.

When choosing a website for word puzzles, consider the age and development stage of the person completing the puzzle. Users who are just learning to read or learning new vocabulary may benefit from the pictures included in the Puzzles to Print selection. The pictures provide the user both hints and exposure to themes, such as seasons and holidays.

Word puzzles, such as word jumbles, are also a fun way to gain proficiency in a native or new language. Users must access their knowledge of spelling rules and vocabulary to solve the puzzle, occasionally finding multiple solutions. The make-your-own features of the Discovery Education website is useful for creating puzzles in a different language.

Puzzles of all kinds help exercise the brain of the young and old, keeping spelling and memory sharp as well as building new neurological pathways.