Where Can You Find Printable Euchre Score Cards?


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Euchre Fun is a website based out of the Detroit, Michigan, area that offers printable Euchre cards. Euchre player score cards are available for six, eight or 12 games and tournaments of eight to 48 players.

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Once score cards are printed and the game is underway, players use them to tally the points for each hand. The general four-player version is first scored by counting tricks, according to Pagat. If the makers win three or four tricks, they receive one point, and if they win all five tricks, they receive two points. When makers win only zero, one or two tricks, they are "Euchred," and the defenders score two points. Variations include when either a maker or defender is playing alone or when there are six total players. The game is typically played to 11 points.

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