Where Can You Print Enlarged Photos?


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Photo enlargements are available from local and online printing shops. CVS, Walmart and other local drugstores offer online and in-store photo enlarging services. Online photo print shops, such as Shutterfly and Snapfish, also offer enlarged photos.

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Enlarged photographs can be printed from an original digital image file or from a scanned copy of an existing photograph. Enlarging a photo decreases the quality of the image. When a hard copy is enlarged, the resulting photo can become blurry and pixelated.

If an original digital image file is enlarged, the quality of the photograph depends upon the resolution of the image. The maximum printing size can be determined by dividing the dimensions of the photograph by 300. The properties menu of an image file lists the dimensions of the image in pixels per inch (ppi), which is a measurement of resolution. If an image is 640 by 480 ppi, it can only be enlarged to 2 by 1 inches. If an image is 4608 by 3456 ppi, it can be printed up to 15 by 11 inches.

Resolution is determined by the capabilities of the camera and the settings. The resolution may be set lower than the maximum capability of the camera to save space on a memory card. A photo editor may also decrease the size and resolution of the image to increase upload and transfer speeds.

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