How Can I Price My Marvel Trading Cards?

Several online retailers provide prices for Marvel trading cards, including NonSportTradingCards, Toywiz, Four Color Comics and The Cardboard Connection. Some Marvel sets are entertainment card sets, while sets on Toywiz are for trading card games. The Cardboard Connection lists entertainment card sets by the decade or year of release.

NonSportTradingCards lists Marvel cards by each set. Clicking on a set yields pricing information and other details. Some card sets feature vintage images from Marvel's Avengers back to 1963. Promo cards are also available.

Toywiz lists retail prices for Marvel trading card games. Buyers can purchase foil packs and box sets. Four Color Comics has three pages of card sets to view. As of July 2014, information on Marvel trading cards go back to 1990, including promo cards.

The Cardboard Connection features analyses, reviews, checklists and price comparisons of entertainment cards, including Marvel sets. The website allows users to browse entertainment cards by decade up to 2010. Starting with 2011, sets are listed annually. Prices are based on eBay auctions for cards and sets. Checklists are for base sets and include a link to search for complete sets for sale on eBay. Each set listed on The Cardboard Connection has an accompanying article for analysis.