How Can You Price Collectible Silver by William A. Rogers?


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To price collectible silver by William A. Rogers, consider the quality of the silver, the size of the item, the type of silver used for the item and the current market conditions for the price of the collectibles themselves. The rareness and the age of the item also makes a large difference in the final selling price of the silver.

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Begin the pricing process by cleaning the silver as thoroughly as possible. Keep some of the tarnish on to enhance the natural value of the silver, but be sure to remove dirt and heavy grime until you can see the silver's hallmarks and backstamps. When you see that the silver is marked with a sterling symbol or that it was made by a famed producer, you can begin placing the silver's price. There are many online sources that provide sellers and buyers with information on marks and previous manufacturers by listing makers' marks and showcasing the previous collectibles sold under the name.

Once you have a general estimate on your item, contact a silver appraisal expert to have the items professionally inspected. These specialists have experience and can help you determine the value of the silver according to current market trends and values.

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