How Can You Get Poptropica Cheat Codes for All the Islands?


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Get Poptropica cheat codes for all the islands through online resources such as PoptropicaHelp.net, Poptropica Keith Sammut’s Blog and GameWinners.com. These resources give information about specific cheat codes, glitches and promo codes that assist in successfully playing the game, including help with hotkeys and special effects, phone codes, outfit access by island and avatar studio gift codes.

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To access help by island, visit the Island Help section of PoptropicaHelp.net, where the site lists its help and MiniQuests resources. For each island, for example Early Poptropica Island, Time Tangled Island, Monster Carnival Island and Mission Atlantic Island, there are the following links to resources: Guide, Map, Video, Trivia and Tour. In addition to outfits, it is possible to add handheld items, beards and facial hair or a skull mask by following the glitches and cheat codes.

Through GameWinners.com, find cheat codes to change hair color on 24 Carrot Island, get to the princess’s room on Astro Knights Island, get rid of the bird on Big Nate Island and change skin color on Early Poptropica. Other available cheat mode codes randomize your character, change skin or hair color, add a pumpkin mask, and apply emotes such as “laugh,” “cry,” “angry” and “jump.”

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