What Can You Do With Pokemon on PokemonDeluge RPG?


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The online game "Pokemon DelugeRPG" allows you to battle and capture various types of Pokemon through a Web browser, similar to the popular series of Nintendo "Pokemon" games. Choose from one of several starter Pokemon and explore an open world to level up your team and interact with other players.

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"Pokemon DelugeRPG" is a fan game modeled after the various "Pokemon" games. Nintendo did not create the game and does not endorse or support it. The game begins by allowing the player to choose from a list of available Pokemon, then releasing the player out into the world to explore. The goal of the game is to capture as many Pokemon as possible in order to build a powerful team with which the player battles other players. In order to capture a wild Pokemon, the player needs to wander around the different areas in the game to trigger a random encounter. Once the encounter begins, the player needs to weaken the Pokemon then use a Pokeball to capture it.

To battle other players, choose the Live Battle option from the Battle menu, then pick the name of the friend you wish to fight. Add friends by searching for her profile and choosing the Add Friend option on her profile page.

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