How Can Pokémon Be in Minecraft?


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One of the most common methods for adding creatures from the game "Pokémon" into the game "Minecraft" is through the Pixelmon mod, which adds new skins and functionality into the game to support the creatures. The mod changes the base game code to incorporate premade Pokémon into the game.

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As with other types of computer gaming, a mod allows players to modify the core elements of the game to include new graphical elements as well as enhanced or completely new gameplay features. The Pixelmon mod features a set of character models that recreate the appearance of different Pokémon from the games along with the code to make them function in a similar fashion to other creatures in the normal "Minecraft" game. The mod also includes changes to the gameplay that allow players to battle, capture and train the Pokémon as they would in the actual Pokémon games.

Users need to install the Pixelmon mod, or a similar mod, in order to add Pokémon into the game. It is important to note that most mods are for use in the computer versions of "Minecraft" as opposed to the console or mobile versions. As of 2015, Mojang does not support or promote any console modding due to the enclosed nature of the platforms.

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