How Can Players Catch a Machamp With the No Guard Ability?

To catch a Machamp with No Guard, players need to first catch a Machop or Machoke with No Guard as an ability and then evolve it. Evolving to Machamp can only be done through trading.

Players can encounter Machop by traveling to the Fiery Path in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. If playing Pokemon White, it is necessary to go to the White Forest. Once Machop is found in the long grass, it can be fought and captured with a Poke Ball. The player should check its ability to see if it has Guts or No Guard. If it has Guts, the procedure must be repeated until a Machop with the No Guard is found.

This process of catch and release also works on Machokes located in Cerulean Cave, Mt. Ember or on Victory Road in either Fire Red or Leaf Green. For Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Machoke is located on Routes 210, 211, 216 or 225.

Once the correct Pokemon has been captured, a trade to another device will be necessary to evolve Machoke to Machamp. The player will then have a Machamp with No Guard.