How Can Players Catch Larvitar in Pokemon?

Larvitar can be caught using a Poke Ball or Safari Ball, depending on the version of Pokemon being played. Larvitar encounters occur at specific times with a low chance of encounter.

Larvitar is a rock and ground-type Pokemon introduced in the second generation of Pokemon. It is an uncommon Pokemon with a catch rate of 45 and a 5.9 percent chance to catch it at full health. In all instances, Larvitar will be between level seven and 23.

In Pokemon Silver, Gold, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Larvitar can be found on Mount Silver. Mount Silver can only be accessed after winning all the gym badges. Alternatively, Larvitar can be caught in the Safari Zone during the day by walking through the long grass of the mountain section.

In Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, Larvitar is found in the Sevault Canyon. There is a 5 percent chance of an encounter with Larvitar in this region.

In Pokemon Diamond, wild Larvitars can be found on Route 207. A Pokeradar is necessary to find Larvitar in this region with its level at seven.

Pokemon Platinum does not require a Pokeradar with Larvitar occurring in the long grass. Its level will range between five and seven in a horde encounter.

Sixth generation games, or Pokemon X and Y, will yield wild Larvitar in the Terminus Cave of Kalos. Like Platinum, Larvitar will appear in a horde encounter with a level of 23.