How Can You Play Wheel of Fortune on the Internet?


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Gamers can play “Wheel of Fortune” online for free from websites such as Memory-Improvement-Tips.com and GamesLol.net. The version of “Wheel of Fortune” on GamesLol.net has a rating of eight out of 10 stars based on 950 ratings, as of November 2015.

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While the concept for each version of the game is to choose letters in an attempt to figure out the hidden phrase, each version has slightly different elements. For example, the version on GamesLol.net gives players only five turns to guess the phrase, but the version on Memory-Improvement-Tips.com allows gamers to continue playing until they solve the puzzle.

To play the version of “Wheel of Fortune” on Memory-Improvement-Tips.com, a player must first select whether he wants to play the game in a small, medium or large window. The object of this version of the game is to earn the highest score possible at the end of three rounds. The total score, round score and bonus are visible on the left side of the play window.

A player uses a computer mouse in both games to control the game and clicks on the wheel to start his turn. Once the wheel stops spinning, he uses the computer mouse to choose a letter. If that letter is in the phrase, it appears on the game board. In between turns, players can buy vowels.

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