How Can You Play Virtual Wolf Pet Games Online?

How Can You Play Virtual Wolf Pet Games Online?

People can play the Wolf Cub game online at under the 'Adopt a Pet' tab. There are dozens of other games for different pets, so consider using the site's search engine to find the Wolf Cub game.

Follow these instructions to play the Wolf Cub game:

  1. Walk the cub out of the forest
  2. Start the first challenge in the wolf cub game by walking the wolf cub out of the forest. Hold down the left click button to make the cub walk and release it to stop the cub. There are hanging spiders that drop down on the cub and take away some time. Try to time walking the cub to avoid these spiders.

  3. Wash the cub
  4. Wash, scrub and rinse the wolf cub clean in the next three challenges. In the sudsing challenge, lightly tap the mouse button over the red scrub sponge. Rub the foam into the wolf cub at alternating fast or slow speeds. The text on the screen will indicate when to rub fast or slow. At the bottom of the screen a progress bar fills up to indicate how close the player is to finishing. Rinse the cub clean in the third challenge by moving the mouse cursor over the suds. The cursor has been transformed into a water hose. When all of the suds are gone the challenge is complete.

  5. Dress the wolf
  6. Click and drag some clothing items over to the wolf, and then release the item, to dress it up. There are I, II and III tabs over the clothing menu to click through when looking for different items. When finished dressing the wolf, click on the finish button.