How Can You Play Tetris Online Without Downloading the Game?


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Tetris is available to play online for free and without having to download it on arcade websites such as Playpacman.net and tetrislive.com. Both of these sites allow the player to choose which level he wants to start on. Playpacman.net records the high score of each player who plays, so players can view other scores from the “High Scores” option on the main menu.

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The goal of the game is for players to use the randomly generated tetrominoes that appear at the top of the screen to create perfect horizontal lines and prevent the blocks from stacking and reaching the top of the screen. If players create a horizontal line with no gaps, the line disappears.

There are only seven randomly generated blocks that players must use to form horizontal lines, even in the later stages. After clearing out a certain number of lines, players advance to the next level. The blocks start to fall faster every time the players advance.

Alexey Pazhitnov invented “Tetris” in 1985 while working at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia. Pazhitnov said the name of the game came from the Greek numerical prefix “tetra,” which means “four.” He gave it this name because all of the blocks are made up of four segments of equal size.

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