How Can You Play the "Sushi Cat" Game Online?


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Gamers can play “Sushi Cat” on arcade websites such as Armorgames.com or download a mobile version of “Sushi Cat” from iTunes for their iOS devices. “Sushi Cat” is a physics-based puzzle game in which the goal is to guide Sushi Cat on his quest to fill his belly with sushi. The more sushi he eats, the larger he grows and the more unpredictable his bouncing becomes.

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"Sushi Cat" contains multiple levels of play, and each one becomes more difficult to navigate than the last. At the end of each stage are boxes with score multipliers on them. To achieve a high score, players have to pick a path for Sushi Cat that allows him to eat the most sushi and land in the biggest score multiplier box.

To win a level, players have to eat a predetermined amount of sushi per stage. They start with five attempts to fill Sushi Cat's belly; however, cat icons on some stages give players extra attempts.

After playing a certain amount of stages, players see a cut scene that reveals a little bit more of Sushi Cat's story. Visiting the Stage Select screen gives them the option to re-watch any cut scene. Players can also go back to previous stages and attempt to beat their high scores.

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