How Can You Play "Super Hyper Spider Typer"?


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Play the game "Super Hyper Spider Typer" by typing the letters on the backs of approaching chameleons to allow Berry the Hairy Spider to climb to the top of a tree before one of the approaching reptiles eats him. Successfully typing a letter defeats a chameleon and earns points.

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"Super Hyper Spider Typer" consists of several levels that all consist of the same basic typing format. At the start of each level, Berry slowly makes his ascent up his web to the top of the tree while several hungry chameleons approach him. If a chameleon reaches the spider before he reaches the top of the web, it eats the spider and uses one of the three available lives. The life icons are in the form of tiny versions of Berry in the upper right corner of the screen and only show the number of additional lives, not total lives. This means that at the start of a new game there are only two icons and not three.

The main method for defeating each chameleon is typing the letter that appears on its back. Every time the player types the correct letter, the chameleon explodes in a puff of smoke and earns the player 100 points.

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