How Can You Play Stealing the Diamond 2 Online?


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PuffballsUnited, the developer behind “Stealing the Diamond,” has not made "Stealing the Diamond 2," as of June 2015. A list of its games is available on the arcade website Newgrounds.com.

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In “Stealing the Diamond,” which is available to play in browsers and on Android and iOS, players take control of a stick figure who wants to steal a large diamond. Players make choices at different points in the story in an attempt to help the stick figure steal the diamond. Beyond making choices, the players have no control over the character or how the story plays out.

At the start of the story, players have the choice to bust in or sneak in. If they choose to bust in, they have to make several split-second decisions. Not choosing an option or choosing the wrong option results in failure. However, players can try as many times as they want.

PuffballsUnited has made similar games in which the players make choices to see how the story plays out. An example is “Escaping the Prison,” which is available to play on the Web and on mobile devices. In this game, players have to make choices to get the stick figure out of jail. There are multiple endings to this story, depending on the choices the player makes.

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