How Can You Play ST Math at Home?

A student needs the username and password associated with his ST Math account to access the website from home. This information is typically sent home in a letter or may be acquired from a child's teacher. ST Math Home Access is designed for homework and may not support all features.

The ST Math login is found at Students must click the penguin, then click the Homework button and then select the login icon in the lower-right corner to enter their credentials and enter the site.

ST Math is a game-based educational software program designed to help students in kindergarten through 12th grade master grade-level math concepts. The software takes a visual approach to teaching math and helps students make connections between these visual representations and the abstract concepts taught in class.

The ST Math program supports all Common Core State Standards for math and allows students to work independently at their own pace. Students receive instant feedback each time they submit an answer. Graphically-rich animations demonstrate why the solution is correct or incorrect to help students gain a better grasp of the concept.

ST Math is primarily designed for use in the classroom. The Home Access extension gives teachers and parents the ability to expand the program's benefits beyond school hours.