Where can you play Skylanders online?


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The Skylanders website hosts every game associated with the brand, including Trap Team, Swap Force, Giants and Spyro's Adventure, along with a small assortment of mini-games themed around different activities. The site allows players to make accounts and keep track of their performance over time as they level up and explore new areas of the different games with their characters.

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Some Skylanders games are available on mobile devices through the Apple and Google Play app stores. The main website hosts links to these apps and has instructions for helping players get started with mobile gaming in the Skylanders franchise universe.

Skylanders games are browser-based and run in-window. This also means that the browser used to play the game caches data, with user permission, to inform future sessions. This allows the player to have a continuous experience even with breaks and interruptions, as their account will carry all of their accomplishments forward into their subsequent games and gaming experiences.

The Skylanders site also includes an extensive list of every character associated with the brand and links to stores where the action figures for each character can be purchased. Along with commercial information, each character has its own unique story and characterization written into its character profile.

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