Can You Play the "Run 2" Game Online?

"Run 2" is available on and, as of June 2015. Visitors to the home page can click on All Games A-Z, then select "Run 2" from the list to play the game.

The game has two characters to choose from, a runner and a skater. The runner is slower, making him easier to control, but the skater jumps farther. The game uses keyboard controls that are modified from the controls menu. The player moves his character left and right, and makes the character jump to stay on the path and reach the end of the level.

The player can pause the game at any time. Options on the pause menu include changing the game's frame rate, quality and speed.

"Run 2" is widely available on several game hosting websites for free. This three-dimensional running game tests a player's reaction speed and ability to shift perspectives, a necessary element for reaching the finish line in the game. user and "Run 2" creator Joseph Cloutier offers two additional games in the series, including "Run" and "Run 3," on also offers the game for free.