Where Can You Play Rummy 500?


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The card game Rummy 500 can be played online at the website Yahoo Games or on a mobile device via apps available from the iTunes or Google Play stores. These digital versions of the game are free to start, but may require payment for additional features.

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Rummy 500 is a popular variant of the basic Rummy card game. Points are tallied for each hand based upon what cards are held, and the game is won when a player reaches 500 points. While Rummy 500 can be played in person with a standard 52-card deck and some friends, players can also enjoy the game digitally.

As of 2015, Yahoo's Games website offers a browser-based version. The game can be played for free; all that is required is a Yahoo account.

Google offers another digital version of Rummy 500 for free in its app store, although players must pay for additional features after installing the game on an Android device. This same version of Rummy 500 is also available for Apple devices by visiting the iTunes store and installing the free download.

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