How Can You Play PS2 Games on a PSP?

A person can play PS2 games on a PSP by connecting Sony's Location Free Base Station to a PSX, according to IGN Entertainment. PSP is compatible with the Location Free Base Station, a device that connects to a person's home entertainment center and shares the player's media via Internet connection.

The Location Free Base Station allows a person to watch videos and television shows on the PSP within the range of a wireless Internet connection, states IGN Entertainment. Moreover, it enables players to enjoy PS2 games on the go. The unit is compatible with various devices, including Sony digital video recorders and the PSX, an entertainment hub devices that merges a PS2 with a hard disk and DVD recorder. A player can use his PSP to watch videos stored on his PSX, as well as play a game that is loaded in the system. This means that he can load a PS2 gamedisk into a PSX and play it on a PSP.

IGN Entertainment explains that to play a game, a player goes through the PSX's Cross Media Bar, which appears on the video window the same way it appears on a television. The digital remote features PSX's "End Game" button, which allows players to turn off the game and view other media on the PSX.