How Can I Play PlayStation Games on My PC?


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Playstation games can be played on a PC through an emulator, a program that mimics the console's hardware. Some examples of emulators for the original Playstation are ePSXe, pSX, PCSX-Reloaded, PSXEven, AndriPSX, Bleem! and PCSX.

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Emulation of the original Playstation is very advanced, and games can be run on a computer with only modest specs. As of 2014, emulation of the Playstation 2 is less complete, but some games can still be played on a computer with a fairly powerful graphics card and processor. Playstation 3 emulation is still in relatively early stages, and commercial games are not yet playable. Controllers for the original systems can be hooked up to a computer by way of a USB adapter, and the emulators are also often compatible with popular USB gamepads like the Xbox 360 controller.

Playing games from a disc in this manner is legal, but these programs also allow users to run disc images, the distribution of which may not be legal if the game is still under copyright. Individuals who download these games are almost never prosecuted or fined, but Sony has prosecuted hosts of torrents containing copyrighted material before. Some games that were formerly commercial property have been released by their rights holders as freeware and can legally be distributed, such as "Warzone 2100."

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