Where Can I Play "Pitch" Online?

The House of Cards website includes links to a number of websites where “Pitch” can be played online. Some are just for fun, while others allow users to play for cash and prizes against players from around the world. Links to such sites as Pidro Online, Pitch Player, Sancho’s Web TV Setback, Schmear and Whirled Seven Point Pitch can also be found on this website.

Pitch is a trick-taking card game, based on the British game "All Fours," and usually played by four players with partners. Players bid for the privilege of deciding trump, and then proceed to capture points through taking tricks. If a player or team does not win the amount of points they bid, they end up going set.

Four-point Pitch has the following points: High, Low, Jack and Game. A standard 52-card deck is used, but only 24 cards are used for any given game, with six cards dealt per player. All 24 cards are played. In ten-point pitch, a 54-card deck is used, including the two Jokers, and only trump can be played.

Pitch can also be played on an Android smartphone, per Jtooker.com. Pitch for Android allows for many options, including difficult settings, bid stealing by the dealer, gentleman's hand and bid to win.