Where Can You Play Petpet Park Games?


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As of 2015, Petpet Park games are no longer accessible, as Neopets took down the Petpet Park website in September 2014. While Petpet Park is gone, many petpet-themed games still exist on the Neopets website, including "Turmac Roll," "Mootix Drop" and "Hasee Bounce."

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In "Turmac Roll," the user controls a Turmac, which is a small dinosaur-like petpet from the medieval world, Meridell. The Turmac rolls over hills, bounces over stumps and jumps over rocks, gaining speed and momentum to catch berries that are worth points. Snidberries and Loveberries are worth only a point or two each and are the most common berries, while rare berries such as Unguberries and Aquaberries net the player 200 to 600 points each.

"Mootix Drop" features a Mootix, which is a small insect-like petpet. The player equips the Mootix with a parachute and aims him at a bullseye on the ground. Once the Mootix begins dropping, the player does barrel rolls and other evasive maneuvers in mid-air to avoid obstacles such as dust and wind. Landing closer to the center of the bullseye earns more points.

In "Hasee Bounce," the player controls two Hasees, which are small golem-like petpets. The Hasees stand on either side of a teeter-totter, which they use to propel themselves into the air. As the Hasees jump up and down, they collect doughnutfruits that slide across the screen periodically. Blue or yellow doughnutfruits are worth the least points, while fish and rainbow doughnutfruits are worth the most.

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