How Can You Play Oregon Trail 2 for Free?

Anyone may play Oregon Trail II for free on either Windows or Apple computers by downloading the software from This download also includes manuals and additional documentation.

Oregon Trail II is an educational video game published by Soft Key Media. The Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium released it in 1996 for the Apple Macintosh, MS-DOS and Windows platforms as an expanded remake of the original Oregon Trail game. A player assumes the role of a wagon master guiding a party of settlers along the historic Oregon Trail.

The remake adds increased roles for women and minorities, more detailed locations and events than in the original, the ability to talk with other settles along the way, the ability to select a date within a range of 20 years for the player's journey to take place and the ability to choose the player character's occupation. This provides a much more varied and interactive play experience.

The player may also choose their departure point, their destination, type of wagon used, the names and ages of others sharing the wagon with them and a set of skills the player may use to increase their chances of survival. Oregon Trail II also includes an extensive glossary and guidebook for the player with information about the historic places, people, medicines and possible routes.