How Can I Play MSN Internet Checkers?

MSN Internet Checkers can be played online at the MSN Zone website. MSN Zone is compatible with certain versions of the Internet Explorer browser, but it may not be compatible with other browsers, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

If the checkers game does not display properly on the MSN Zone website, there is a link on the page that redirects to a Microsoft support website. The Microsoft website explains that display problems may be fixed by adding the problematic website to something called a Compatibility View list. Once the MSN Zone website loads and displays correctly, it is possible to play checkers directly on the website. A Windows Live ID is necessary to play the checkers game online. It is free to create a Windows account. Once the account is created, sign in, and begin playing the checkers game simply by clicking the "Play Now" button. The game can be played against other players online or against the computer. Move checker pieces by clicking on the checker and then clicking on an empty square to move it there. Checkers are moved only in a diagonal direction, one space at a time. A checker must be moved at each turn, even if there are only unfavorable squares to which to move.