How Can You Play the Miniclip Game "Raft Wars"?


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Visit MiniClip.com to play "Raft Wars, and use the mouse to aim a cannon at attacking pirates, clicking to launch projectiles in an attempt to destroy their ships. The arc and trajectory of the projectile varies depending on the gun's angle according to the position of the mouse.

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At the start of the game, the player watches a cutscene that sets up the story of the game before moving on to the opening level. Each level begins by showing the player how many enemies she must defeat and panning from the enemy pirates to the player characters to show how far each projectile needs to travel. To launch a projectile, the player needs to move the mouse over the screen to adjust the angle of the character's cannon. The game includes a guiding line that provides an rough estimation of how far the projectile would travel at that position. Once the player finds the appropriate angle, she needs to left-click on the mouse to launch the projectile.

If the projectile connects with a pirate or its ship, it reduces its health meter. Then, the pirate's turn begins. The pirates launch a single projectile at the player characters, and the hit deducts a certain amount of health if it lands. The game goes back and forth until one side defeats the other.

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