Can You Play "Minecraft" Online?


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You can play "Minecraft" with friends online or through your LAN, or play it offline alone. After purchasing the game, download "Minecraft" to your computer and choose to play single-player or multi-player.

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In multi-player mode, you can choose to either open your LAN to other computers on the same network, or to play online by finding and connecting to the IP or Web address of an open and functioning server. Find server IP or Web addresses by searching for Minecraft servers on a search engine. You then choose Add Server in "Minecraft," and type the address of the desired server.

In single-player mode, you can choose Survival or Creative. In Survival, your objective is to survive. Farming, animal husbandry and exploration are some of the things that help you progress. In Creative, you have the ability to fly, and you have a wide variety of unlimited blocks in your inventory with which to build an architectural masterpiece.

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