Where Can You Play Minecraft on the Internet?


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Interested players can try out Minecraft online at minecraft.net. The main page allows players to try out a classic version of the game with the safe function turned off.

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Minecraft is a sandbox-style game that allows players to generate new worlds and modify the landscape in those worlds however they please. Minecraft is available for download to use on the personal computer. Versions are available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Gamers can play it alone, or log into a server online to play with others, or take part in joint challenges in game. Many servers exist, but the official Minecraft server is available through officialminecraft.net. Some servers charge a small fee for joining. The fee helps pay for the server and maintenance of the Minecraft world.

Those who just want to play on Minecraft without too much thought or try out the game before buying can do so at the Minecraft website. The main page of the site displays a Java applet of the classic game. A random world is generated with all of the features for a player to explore, build and make items. There is no real time limit to how long a player can play the sample game. However, save functions are turned off so, players can't save and return to the free game later.

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