How Can You Play "Lingo" Online?

How Can You Play "Lingo" Online?

The game "Lingo" is available online on the games section of, as of 2015. Game play involves guessing words with a limited number of attempts and time.

To play "Lingo," visit the home page, and click All Games. On the games page, click "Lingo" under the Game Show Games heading. Click Play for Oodles to start the game.

Once the game loads, click Start Game to begin. The game provides the first letter of a five-letter word. Type a five-letter word beginning with the same letter, and then press Enter to submit it. The game highlights any correct letters from the attempt in green and highlights any correct letters in the wrong position in yellow. Once you get the word right, the game displays a new five-letter word.

If you solve five words within the three-minute time limit, you play a bonus round for additional points. The game provides 10 attempts for each word. If you run out of attempts or time, the word solving part of the game ends. Entering an invalid word uses an attempt, but the game doesn't highlight any letters.

The game tracks the score and number of solved words. Each solved word earns a time bonus for the amount of time left. Scores are also higher for using fewer attempts.